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HAND OFF THOSE not-in-your-genius-zone PROJECTS

it's time to call in reinforcements

Tired of trying to piece together your business from random Google searches and freebies? It's time for an upgrade!

Get a personalized strategy and done-for-you implementation so you can keep your focus on what you do best.

go from overwhelmed to optimized

This is a fully customized service to help you set up tools, processes and automation in your business that will save you time and allow you to expand beyond 1:1 work. 

We can handle:

  • Client experience design and setup
  • Course, membership or group program setup
  • Sales funnel strategy and implementation
  • Showit template customization
  • Tool setups and integration (i.e. scheduler,mailing list, etc) 

Could you set all this up yourself? Definitely - if you have the time. OR you can save yourself hours of time & overwhelm by investing in an individualized service that will help you streamline and scale without adding more work to your already full plate.

proposal & onboarding

Initial inquiry

You'll fill out the form below to get the process started. If your project is in my wheelhouse, we'll find a time to hop on a consultation call to see if we're a fit.

kickoff & implementation

Once we decide to move forward with the project, I'll send you a proposal for you to review, a contract to sign and an invoice for the deposit. After all that we're ready for project kickoff.

We'll start our work together with a Kickoff Call to get our plan & strategy set PLUS I'll make sure you know what I need from you to implement the plan. We'll be in touch throughout the project so you'll always know how things are progressing.

The Process

wrap up & support

Once your project is complete, I'll be sure you know how to work with your new tool or system and then be available for email support for 2 weeks following the project. If you have any questions or run into any issues, I'm here to support you.

investment varies

average range: $500-$3k+

“Nicole literally saved me during my launch. She is incredibly knowledgeable and was able to step in and support me at a time when my small team was bursting at the seams! Nicole is positive, supportive, direct (which I very much appreciate) and yet a total team player. I'm so grateful for Nicole's support and highly recommend her!"

spiritual business coach

Heidi Stevens

"Nicole was such a pleasure to work with; she was always quick to respond, and she supported me and encouraged me as I was launching my website which was a bit emotional for me. I would definitely recommend Nicole if you need help with your website or online business. She is very knowledgeable and always has a smile on her face."

 Licensed Acupuncturist & Menopause Expert

Jeanette Davison

"Nicole was amazing to work with! She was patient with my busy schedule and consistently overdelivered by recognizing the limitations in my availability and making appropriate decisions to move the tasks forward. I couldn’t have launched my new website without her and working with her again is already in my plan!"

pharmacist, Diabetes educator and Life Coach

Cori Cooper





Not a problem! When you apply I'll ask you what you need help with and then we'll discuss your needs in more detail on our consultation call. This service is completely customized to you so we can create a project that includes everything you need that is within my wheelhouse. 

Depending on my availability, I can usually start new projects within 2-4 weeks. I typically only take on 1 Systems Bar project per month so if you're interested in working together, fill out the application ASAP. When we're on our consultation call I'll let you know when I'll be able to start your project.

I totally get it! With everything going on in our lives, it's often hard to find time to work on your business. BUT since we're doing this to help you better leverage your time, plan to block time on your calendar to get the prep work done and I'll handle the rest. Depending on your working style and speed, I estimate it could take between 2-5 hours to gather the files and write the copy I’ll need to complete your project. 

I totally expect you to have questions come up, which is why I built in follow up support. You have 2 weeks of email support that you can use to ask questions or get troubleshooting help. I test everything before I wrap up during the Implementation phase so I don't expect any major issues, but I'm available during business hours just in case!  

In order to book a project on my schedule, I require a 50% deposit. The remaining 50% is due before our project work wraps up. If you'd prefer to pay the remaining amount in smaller payments, let me know and I'm happy to create a custom payment schedule.

Have questions before you apply?

send them my way

get in touch