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If your business is running you instead of the other way around, it's time to make changes, my friend.

In your 'never enough time' era of business?

I know part of the reason you started a business was to have more time freedom, but the reality? It's more like being an overworked employee of your own business. (yikes!)

All those big ideas you have to grow your business are collecting dust on the digital shelf because you don't have enough time to serve your clients, handle the back end business things AND bring your ideas to life - let alone make your own wellbeing a priority.

it's time for a new era

Here's the truth: the freedom you're searching for doesn't happen by accident. It requires intentional structure in your business. And that structure? It's alll about sexy systems, workflows and automation.

Let's work together to get your business streamlined so you can focus on bringing those big ideas to life, prioritize your wellbeing and (gasp!) take a day do whatever you want. 

Ready to get your online business set up, but not sure how to get started? Business startup is one of my specialties! Let's get you set up for success from the start.

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the Systems Bar

Ready to hand off those not-in-your-genius-zone projects? I'd love to put my tools, systems and workflow expertise to work for your business. 

the Sidekick

Need someone long-term to keep your business organized, bring your big projects to life, manage your team or implement systems and processes?


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I'm Nicole

I'm on a mission to support holistic practitioners in building a sustainable business that meets their specific definition of success and prioritizes their wellbeing.

When you're running a solo business, there's no one else to do #allththings but you. But wearing all the hats yourself, with no systems in place, can quickly become unsustainable.

I'm all about simple and easy to implement systems that give you the space to take care of yourself, show up for your clients at your best and then have free time to actually live your life (allll the praise hands for THAT!).

your new business sidekick

hey friend!

"Nicole was amazing to work with! She was patient with my busy schedule and consistently overdelivered by recognizing the limitations in my availability and making appropriate decisions to move the tasks forward. I couldn’t have launched my new website without her and working with her again is already in my plan!"

pharmacist, Diabetes educator and Life Coach

Cori Cooper

"Nicole was such a pleasure to work with; she was always quick to respond, and she supported me and encouraged me as I was launching my website which was a bit emotional for me. I would definitely recommend Nicole if you need help with your website or online business. She is very knowledgeable and always has a smile on her face."

 Licensed Acupuncturist & Menopause Expert

Jeanette Davison

“Nicole literally saved me during my launch. She is incredibly knowledgeable and was able to step in and support me at a time when my small team was bursting at the seams! Nicole is positive, supportive, direct (which I very much appreciate) and yet a total team player. I'm so grateful for Nicole's support and highly recommend her!"

spiritual business coach

Heidi Stevens

"Nicole is a dream to work with! Not only does she deliver top-quality work, she is organized, efficient and flexible. I can't more highly recommend her."

health & business coach

Elizabeth Rider

"Nicole has been such a gift as I'm launching my coaching business. The website she created for me is exactly what I envisioned! I am so in love! I was feeling so overwhelmed, but with Nicole I know my website and tech are in more than capable hands. You need this woman in your life & business!"

life & success coach

Shannon Brown




ready to step into a new era in your business?

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