Knowing What Success Means To You Matters (& Here’s Why)

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Note: this post was originally written as an Atomic Essay as part of Ship 30 for 30 and posted on Twitter. I’ve copied the essay content here so it isn’t just lost in the endlessness of the Twitter feed. Enjoy!

If you ask Twitter or Instagram, success means building a personal brand, collecting a bunch of followers and making a ton of money (on autopilot, of course!).

I call BS 🚫

I’m not saying it’s not a valid option, I’m saying it’s not the ONLY option.

If it works for you, fantastic. I’m rooting you on! If it doesn’t, welcome to the Rebel Solopreneur club 💥

You Can Define Success However You Want

My definition of a successful business is that it’s profitable, allows me to leverage my strengths, and fits into my life.

I don’t feel compelled to build a personal brand, get to a certain follower number or chase 7 figures.

I’d rather spend my time helping people with big ideas to get them into the world.

Whether they need technical assistance, encouragement, accountability, or to talk through their big ideas to figure out how to best share them – filling those roles is what gets me hyped.

What Does Success Mean To You?

If you’re a solopreneur, don’t skip this step! It’s so important to clearly define what success means to you and then take action from there.

Otherwise it’s all too easy to get swept up in what everyone else is doing and find yourself with a business and life that aren’t at all fulfilling.

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