I Published 30 Atomic Essays in 30 Days & Here’s What I Learned

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Note: this post was originally written as an Atomic Essay as part of Ship 30 for 30 and posted on Twitter. I’ve copied the essay content here so it isn’t just lost in the endlessness of the Twitter feed. Enjoy!

I honestly cannot believe we’re reached day 30 of Ship 30 🤯

I am happy to report that as of the publishing of this final essay, I’ve written and posted for 30 days in a row.

Here’s what this experience taught me:

1. Writing up against a deadline can be brutal ⏰

Since the beginning of Ship 30 I wanted to get ahead in my essay writing and have a buffer, but it never happened.

Now I know that batch writing will be essential for my long-term sanity!

2. Being concise gets easier with practice ✍🏻

I had no idea how the atomic essay format would go for me since I tend to be wordy, but it did help me choose my words more carefully.

I frequently had brain dumps of 1000+ words on a topic and had to cut them down to just the main idea and supporting points. I was often closer to 300 words, but that’s a win in my book!

3. The Ship 30 Community is EVERYTHING 🥰

I am so thankful that I found my way into this specific cohort. The experience would not have been so incredible without all of you making me laugh and think and slow clap along while reading your essays.

There is some kind of magic about this group – the right combination of people and ideas made it really special.

I have ADORED meeting all of you, commenting, sharing, DMing, Zooming, WhatsApping and getting to soak up all of your amazingness. Thank you for making this such a memorable experience!

And that’s a wrap on this chapter, folks! 💃🏼

Want to give Ship 30 for 30 a try yourself?

I cannot more highly recommend it! It was the most incredible experience. I loved it so much that I joined the Captain’s Table so I can continue to participate in upcoming cohorts.

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See the original atomic essay on Twitter


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