I'm obsessed with helping women do life better. I'm all about mindset, self-care, habits and being just a little bit better than I was yesterday.  If you're a modern woman who is feeling completely overwhelmed by life or thinking this can't be as good as it gets, you're in exactly the right place.

I know what it feels like to be so "busy" that you can't take a minute for yourself. Or how it feels to be so disconnected from yourself that you have no idea where to even start. I even know what it feels like to put off living your life because the number on the scale or in your bank account isn't what you want it to be

Whether you realize it or not, those are all just excuses to keep you from moving forward. But babe, I'm telling you - you deserve better. You are meant to make an impact on the world in a way only you can. It's time to stop holding back and I'm here to help. 

Hey babe! I'm Nicole

xo, nicole

let's get to work!


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My professional background

Listen, I know how difficult it can be to know if you can trust someone you meet online. It's so easy for people to make claims or call themselves a coach without anything to back that up. I don't believe great coaches need to be trained or certified to be legitimate, but I also believe there is great value in investing in your knowledge base and growing your expertise in your field. My background is varied, but it gives me a broad base of experience to draw from in my work with clients. 

I'm a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and have been licensed since 2006. I worked in the the healthcare field for nearly 20 years before I retired from that career. I spent 5 of my years as a nurse in Adult Psychiatry and learned so much about the mind and the process of dysfunction and restoration to a baseline of mental health. 

I'm a certified Life & Health Coach through the Health Coach Institute (HCI), which focuses heavily on mindset and habit change. I've also completed advanced training in Brain & Mood Health through HCI. I'm certified as both a Workplace Wellness Ambassador (CWWA) and a Master Workplace Wellness Ambassador (CMWA) through Kelly Wellness Inc. 

I taught high school Health Science & Anatomy and Physiology for 2 years and also hold a Graduate Certificate in Biosecurity & Disaster Preparedness, which sounds unrelated, but really helps me to anticipate problems and mitigate them in more situations than just disasters. 

The bottom line: I've got an alphabet soup of credentials, but the most important thing is my passion for helping women step into the next version of themselves.