Want to Be a Better Human? This Book is a Great Place to Start

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Note: this post was originally written as an Atomic Essay as part of Ship 30 for 30 and posted on Twitter. I’ve copied the essay content here so it isn’t just lost in the endlessness of the Twitter feed. Enjoy!

There are a ton of books out there about how to be a better human – coming at the issue from various angles and giving us multiple frameworks to help transform our lives.

Obviously in such a large genre there are some winners and some not so great books, but one book in particular I recommend to everyone with an interest in self-mastery.

The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard. 📚

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The book starts out with The Declaration of Personal Power which is filled with inspiring language about presence, fear, joy, gratitude, struggle, integrity, love and greatness.
  • Brendon vividly contrasts the struggles we face as humans with the desire for greatness.
  • The book doesn’t assume that self-mastery is a one and done kind of activity, but is rather our life’s work. By the end of the book you won’t have achieved self-mastery, but rather will feel motivated and inspired to actively pursue it.
  • Brendon doesn’t soften the hard topics. He uses honest language and real-life examples to discuss fear, weakness, negative thoughts and self-talk, self-sabotage, etc. As someone who prefers the real truth to watered-down non-offensive language this is so refreshing!

If you are at all interested in personal development, self-mastery or mastering your mind, I can’t recommend this book enough. I have read it at least 5 times and I plan to continually reread it every year. It always gets me pumped up 🔥

If you’ve read it, do you agree? And what other book(s) would you recommend on this topic?

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