Be Open to Possibilities And They Will Find You (An Example Of What’s Possible)

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Note: this post was originally written as an Atomic Essay as part of Ship 30 for 30 and posted on Twitter. I’ve copied the essay content here so it isn’t just lost in the endlessness of the Twitter feed. Enjoy!

I stole something from one of my fellow Shippers and I’m not sorry at all 😁

Honestly once I tell you what it is, you’ll probably want to steal it too.

The hot item? The Unicorn List 🦄

Essentially it’s a way to keep track of awesome things that happen in your life so you can remind yourself how amazing you are. (courtesy of the lovely Lisa Ross @TheJobCrafter)

I reviewed my list today and realized a bunch were things that happened since I participated in the August cohort of Ship 30 (what we’ve affectionately dubbed Ship 30 Summer Camp).

It’s a little nutty to think that was just over 60 days ago because SO MUCH has shifted for me. Here are a few of my unicorn items:

  • Had someone whose book is sitting on my shelf reach out about my services 🤯
  • Sketched out the idea for a community for rebel solopreneurs who want to build a business on their own terms
  • Formed a bi-weekly mastermind with 5 other amazing Shippers
  • Started co-working with yet another Shipper
  • Provided marketing consulting for a Shipper’s new group program (Launching soon!)
  • Traded coaching and consulting with another Shipper with a similar business as mine
  • Rebranded my business and updated my website
  • Created a roadmap for my potential clients & refined my copy
  • Created and launched a quiz as a list-building tool (to help my clients find what stage on the roadmap they’re on)

I had no idea signing up for Ship 30 would have such a profound effect on my life (and business!). I’m not even sure I can handle what might come in the October cohort, but I am here for it all 🥳

See the original atomic essay on Twitter


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